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After Oswald was arrested at the Texas Theater, he was brought to the Dallas Police and Courts Building.
And in the basement the police formed a wedge around Oswald and escorted him to the elevator, also in the basement to great them where several local news reporters and cameramen who also accompanied them to the third floor, which housed the main offices of the Dallas Police Department.

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As the door opened on the third floor, the cameramen ran ahead down the corridor and began taking these pictures of Oswald as he was brought to the homicide and robbery bureau office.

On the third floor was a 7-foot-wide corridor along which contained the offices of Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry, major detective bureaus, and the homicide and robbery bureau headed by Capt. J. Will Fritz, at the other end was a small pressroom that could accommodate only handful of reporters.

After about 15 or 20 minutes Oswald was brought to the office of Captain Fritz who had just arrived from the Texas Scholl Book Depository Building and the first interrogation sessions began about 2:20 P.M.

And soon after Police Chief Jesse E. Curry would arrive from Love Field where he had escorted the new President, Lyndon B. Johnson from Parkland Hospital, as he would describe the seen "there was just pandemonium on the third floor." The news representatives were jammed into the north hall of the third floor, which are the offices of the criminal investigation division.

It was about this time that another person who would sit-in on the interrogations of Oswald arrived,
Dallas FBI field agent Jim Hosty:

< HSCA > According to Captain Jack Revill, Dallas Police Deportment:
"And Mr. Hosty ran over to me and he says, Jack, as I recall these words, a Communist Killed President Kennedy."
"I said, What?"
"He said, Lee Oswald killed President Kennedy."
"I said, Who is Lee Oswald?"
"He said, He is in our Communist file. We knew he was here in Dallas."

Q. According to your testimony in 1964, that they knew, that he knew, Jim Hosty knew, that Lee Oswald was capable of killing the President. You became upset at that?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Why were you upset?
A. Because we had worked with the Bureau on identifying people who posed not so much physical threats to Mr. Kennedy but those people who would attempt to embarrass him, and also those who would harm him. We had shared information but on this particular person, for some reason, Mr Hosty had not shared the information with us.

I asked him what he was going to do with the information, and he said he wanted to talk to Will Fritz, who was the Captain of Homicide. I asked him if he knew Captain Fritz and his response was no, so with that I accompanied Agent Hosty to the third floor homicide and Captain Fritz was not present at the time,

Mr. DODD. This was all about 2:30?
Mr. REVILL. Yes, sir
Mr. DODD. In the afternoon?
Mr. REVILL. Yes, sir.
Mr. DODD. Prior to the time Lee Harvey Oswald had arrived at the police station?
Mr. REVILL. Yes, sir
Mr. DODD. Would you tell this committee why you hoped it would never come up?
Mr. REVILL. Because Jim Hosty was a friend of mine and I knew that Hoover would crucify him.
Mr. DODD. Crucify him for what?
Mr. REVILL For making that statement. Whether or not it was true or not, Hosty made the statement to me and I relayed the information to my captain at the time, Pat Ganaway, shortly after our conversation, and he instructed me to reduce it to writing.
At that time I told him if I do, Jim Hosty will be crucified or penalized by the Bureau, and to that he said, "I don't care, you put it on paper." I put it on paper.
< END >

Hosty"s Defiance:
<Warren Commission> James Patrick Hosty, Jr.
Mr. STERN. New Orleans found that they couldn't locate Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans.
Mr. DULLES. He had left in the meantime?
Mr. HOSTY. Right.
Mr. STERN. Yes; from their leads he seemed to have gone back into the Dallas area, and they asked the Dallas office to see if they could locate him. Mr. Hosty was doing this work at the end of October and the beginning of November when he ran these interviews. Just to complete that, Mr. Hosty, you expected, did you not, that the case would be reassigned?
Mr. HOSTY. Oh, yes.
Mr. STERN. To the Dallas office?
Mr. HOSTY. Oh, yes. This was tantamount to requesting it be shifted to us, yes, when I sent this communication.
Mr. STERN. And you were beginning to think in terms of the case being your problem again?
Mr. HOSTY. Right.
Mr. STERN. Even though formally at the time you were only----
Mr. HOSTY. Auxiliary office.
Mr. STERN. Operating on the request of the New Orleans office to try to locate him, is that correct?
Mr. HOSTY. That is correct.
Mr. DULLES. And just notify Washington as to the Possibility of its being transferred?
Mr. HOSTY. Right; because he is now residing and employed in our division. There is no more needs to be done.
Mr. DULLES. I am clear. Thank you very much.
Mr. STERN. And at what time did you know of Oswald's trip to Mexico City and his apparent appearance there at the Russian Embassy?
Mr. HOSTY. The 25th of October.
Mr. STERN. Had you received any----
Mr. McCLOY. Let's get these years right.
Mr. HOSTY. The 25th of October 1963.
Mr. STERN. Had you received any information about any other contacts with Russian officials by Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mr. HOSTY. Not at that time.
Mr. STERN. What other information did you have at anytime about that?
Mr. HOSTY. On November 22, after the assassination of President Kennedy, I was advised that our Washington field office of the FBI had determined that he, Lee Oswald, had been in contact with the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. I learned that after the assassination.
Mr. STERN. After the assassination?
Mr. HOSTY. Right, sir.
Mr. STERN. Putting that aside for the moment, what was your evaluation of Lee Harvey Oswald based on the work that you had done and the reports that you had made, the information you gathered early in November?
Mr. HOSTY. Well, there were many questions to be resolved. I was quite interested in determining the nature of his contact with the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. I had not resolved that on the 22d of November. We were still waiting to resolve that. Prior to that, I mean that would be the only thing----
Mr. STERN. What had you planned to do after November 5 about this case?
Mr. HOSTY. Well as I had previously stated, I have between 25 and 40 cases assigned to me at any one time. I had other matters to take care of. I had now established that Lee Oswald was not employed in a sensitive industry. I can now afford to wait until New Orleans forwarded the necessary papers to me to show me I now had all the information. It was then my plan to interview Marina Oswald in detail concerning both herself and her husband's background.
Mr. STERN. Had you planned any steps beyond that point?
Mr. HOSTY. No. I would have to wait until I had talked to Marina to see what I could determine, and from there I could make my plans.
Mr. STERN. Did you take any act-ion on this case. between November 5 and November 22?
Mr. HOSTY. No, sir

More of Hosty's Testimony can be found on the Oswald Interrogation page 1.

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