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At around 2:20 PM. just after Lee Oswald was brought to the Dallas Police Headquarters after his arrest at the Texas Theatre in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, As a suspect in the shooting of officer Tippit:

Excerpts From Warren Commission Testimony.

One of Oswald's arresting Officers Gerald Hill:
We were trying to get together to decide who was going to make the offense report and get all the little technicalities out of the way when a detective named Richard Stovall and another one, G. F. Rose, came up, and the four of us were standing when Captain Fritz walked in.
He walked up to Rose and Stovall and made the statement to them, "Go get a search warrant and go out to some address on Fifth Street," and I don't recall the actual street number, in Irving, and "pick up a man named Lee Oswald."
And I asked the captain why he wanted him, and he said, "Well, he was employed down at the Book Depository and he had not been present for a roll call of the employees."
And we said, "Captain, we will save you a trip," or words to that effect, "Because there he sits."
And with that, we relinquished our prisoner to the homicide and robbery bureau, to Captain Fritz.

Detective Guy Rose:
Mr. ROSE. In just a few minutes Captain Fritz came in and he instructed me to get two men and go to Irving to the Ruth Paine home and so I went immediately.
Mr. BALL. Did he tell you "the Ruth Paine home," or did he tell you to go to a certain address in Irving?
Mr. ROSE. I believe he gave me the address.

Detective Richard Stovall:
Captain Fritz opened the door to the office there and sent Rose and I to go out to this address in Irving at 2515 West Fifth Street in Irving. That was--I don't know where the Captain got the address, but it was an address where he was supposed to be staying part of the time.
Mr. BALL. The captain had you get another man to go with you?
Mr. STOVALL. Yes; we got J. P. Adamcik to go with us.

Detective John  Adamcik:
Detectives Stovall and Rose and myself were asked by Captain Fritz and the supervisor to go to his residence in Irving, to the Paine residence.
Mr. BELIN. Did Oswald give them that address?
Mr. ADAMCIK. I don't know. I don't recall whether he gave them the address or they found it on his person in evidence as identification.

Mr. BALL. And you did that, did you, you drove out there to Irving?
Mr. STOVALL. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. The three of you?
Mr. STOVALL. Yes; the three of us---we went out to the location and parked, oh, a block or half block from the house. We were supposed to meet some county officers out there.
Mr. BALL. Why were you to meet the county officers out there?
Mr. STOVALL. Well, Irving is out of our jurisdiction, actually, we had to either have the Irving police or the county officers with us.

Mr. BALL. How many men went out there?
Mr. ROSE. There was me, and Detective Adamcik and Detective Stovall, and on the way, we radioed and asked for a county unit to meet us, and we were met by Detectives Harry Weatherford, E.W. Walthers, and J.L. Oxford, detectives for the county CID--we waited about 40 minutes and they came and met us.

Deputy sheriff Eddy Walthers:
I went on back to the station then and Mr. Decker gave me an address on a little piece of paper---I thought I could remember the address in Irving where this Oswald had been staying with Mrs. Paine.
Yes; and I took our officer, Harry Weatherford, and we met Officer Adamcik that works for the city and Officer Rose and another one of their officers,

Deputy sheriff Harry Weatherford:
Sheriff Decker gave me a piece of paper with an address of 2515 W. 5th Street, Irving. He said to get Deputies E. R. Buddy Walthers and J.L. Oxford and go see what we could find at this location as this man that shot the officer in Oak Cliff by the name of Oswald supposedly live at this location and further that we were to meet some of Capt. Fritz's officers at this address.

Detective Stovall: We went on down to them and drove up in front of the house and parked and got out and walked up to the front door and Adamcik and two of the officers went to the back and Rose and I went, and the other officers went to the front door and we knocked on the door, we could see some people inside the house and we could see through the front door, the door was open and the television was playing and Ruth Paine came to the door and identified herself to us. She said, "Yes; you are here about this mess that's on television."

Detective Rose: We walked up to the house, me and Stovall and one of the county officers, and I could hear the TV was playing, and I could see the door was standing open--the front door was--and I could see two people sitting inside the living room on the couch, and just as soon as we walked up on the porch, Ruth Paine came to the door. She apparently recognized us--she said, "I've been expecting you all," and we identified ourselves, and she said, "Well, I've been expecting you to come out. Come right on in."
Mr. BALL. Did she say why she had been expecting you?
Mr. ROSE. She said, "Just as soon as I heard where the shooting happened. I knew there would be someone out."

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