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Lee Harvey Oswald texas book depository building Dallas Police secret service search encounter with inside.

jfk kennedy assassination dallas witnesses doctors eyewitnesses head wound shot,Motorcycle Officer, Clyde A. Haygood, ran up the incline on the north side of Elm Street. and saw no one running from the railroad yards.

Joe Marshall Smith A Dallas Police Officer who was stationed on the corner of Elm and Huston Streets, Would say that he ran into someone on the Grassy Knoll who clamed to be a Secret Service agent:

< Warren Report >
Mr. Liebeler Did you turn to watch the motorcade? Did you turn to watch the President as the motorcade went by?
Mr. Smith. Yes, sir; I glanced around and was watching the crowd to make sure they stayed back out of the way of the motorcade, and also to make sure none of the cars started up or anything. Then I heard the shots, and I immediately proceeded from this point.
Mr. Liebeler. Point 4 on Commission Exhibit No. 354?
Mr. Smith. I started up toward this Book Depository after I heard the shots, and I didn't know where the shots came from. I had no idea, because it was such a ricochet.
Mr. Liebeler. An echo effect?
Mr. Smith. Yes, sir.; and this woman came up to me and she was just in hysterics. She told me, "They are shooting the President from the bushes." So I immediately proceeded up here.
Mr. Liebeler. You proceeded up to an area immediately behind the concrete structure here that is described by Elm Street and the street that runs immediately in front of the Texas School Book Depository, is that right?
Mr. Smith. I was checking all the bushes and I checked all the cars in the parking lot.
Mr. Liebeler. There is a parking lot in behind this grassy area back from Elm Street toward the railroad tracks, and you went down to the parking lot and looked around?
Mr. Smith. Yes, sir; I checked all the cars. I looked into all the cars and checked around the bushes. Of course, I wasn't alone. There was some deputy sheriff with me, and I believe one Secret Service man when I got there.
I got to make this statement, too. I felt awfully silly, but after the shot and this woman, I pulled my pistol from my holster, and I thought, this is silly, I don't know who I am looking for, and I put it back. Just as I did, he showed me that he was a Secret Service agent.
Mr. Liebeler. Did you accost this man?
Mr. Smith. Well, he saw me coming with my pistol and right away he showed me who he was.
Mr. Liebeler. Do you remember who it was?
Mr. Smith. No, sir; I don't--because then we started checking the cars. In fact, I was checking the bushes, and I went through the cars, and I started over here in this particular section.
Mr. Liebeler. Down toward the railroad tracks where they go over the triple underpass?
Mr. Smith. Yes.
Mr. Liebeler. Did you have any basis for believing where the shots came from, or where to look for somebody, other than what the lady told you?
Mr. Smith. No, sir; except that maybe it was a power of suggestion. But it sounded to me like they may have came from this vicinity here.
Mr. Liebeler. Down around the---let's put a No. 5 there at the corner here behind this concrete structure where the bushes were down toward the railroad tracks from the Texas School Book Depository Building on the little street that runs down in front of the Texas School Book Depository Building.
Mr. Smith. Yes.
Mr. Liebeler. Now you say that you had the idea that the shots may have come from up in that area?
Mr. Smith. Yes, sir; that is just what, well, like I say, the sound of it. That was the most helpless and hopeless feeling I ever had.
Mr. LIEBELER. Now did you at any time have occasion to look up to the railroad tracks that went across the triple underpass?
Mr. SMITH. Yes, sir; I looked up there after I was going up to check there.
Mr. Liebeler. Did you see anybody up there?
Mr. Smith. Yes, sir; there was two other officers there, I know.
Mr. Liebeler. Were there any other people up there, that you can remember?
Mr. Smith. No, sir; none that I remember.
Mr. Liebeler. But you remember that there were two police officers up there?
Mr. Smith. Yes, sir
< END. >


Mr. Smith would also recall the smell of gunpowder near the grassy knoll.

Lee Harvey Oswald texas book deposatory building Dallas Police secret serivce serach encounter with inside.

Another Dallas Police Officers encounter with people claming to be a Secret Service agent:
< Warren Report > Dallas Police Officer D. V. Harkness:

Mr. BELIN - Did you notice whether or not people were coming in and out of the building?
Mr. HARKNESS - No. I was interested in getting around to the back of the building to make sure it was.
Mr. BELIN - Then am I correct that your testimony is that you didn't notice whether people were coming in and out? Did you notice, or did you not notice whether people were coming out of the building at that time?
Mr. HARKNESS - Several officers at the area, and it was a lot of people around. I don't know whether they were going in or out or not. I couldn't say that.
Mr. BELIN - Then you went around to the back of the building?
Mr. HARKNESS - Yes, sir.
Mr. BELIN - Was anyone around in the back when you got there?
Mr. HARKNESS - There were some Secret Service agents there. I didn't get them identified. They told me they were Secret Service.
Mr. BELIN - Then did you say around the back of the building?
Mr. HARKNESS - Yes; I stayed at the back until the squad got there.
Mr. BELIN - Then what did you do?
Mr. HARKNESS - I went back to the front, and Inspector Sawyer---helped get the crowd back first, and then Inspector Sawyer assigned me to some freight cars that were leaving out of the yard, to go down and search all freight cars that were leaving the yard.
< END. >

Marrion  L. Baker, motorcycle Officer, was just turning the corner of Main and Houston when he heard the first shot and recognized them as shots, he also noticed pigeons flying off of the Depository Building. He drove to the corner there and parked his bike, and noted that people were " falling, and they were rolling around down there grabbing their children." A woman screamed, "oh, they have shot that man, they have shot that man." Baker "had it in mind that the shots came from the top of this building here," So he ran straight to the entrance of the Texas School Book Depository Building.

After the shots Officer Baker entered the main lobby of the Book Depository Building, and asked where the stairs or elevator was, he was then met by Roy Truly the Superintendent of the Building. The two men went through one set of doors, then a second set of swinging doors at "a good trot" to the northwest corner of the floor where Truly hoped to find one of the two freight elevators. But neither elevator was there, Truly pushed the button for the west elevator which operates automatically if the gate is closed, the elevator failed to move so Baker decided to use the stairway witch was also located in the northwest corner of the Building.

Baker rushed up the stairs behind Truly; he had reached the second floor when he noticed through a door-window that a man was walking in the ( vestibule or lunchroom ) near the staircase.

The man was Lee Oswald.

< Warren Report > Officer Baker.
Q: And did you go all the way up to the top of the stairs right away.
A: No sir, we didn’t
Q: What happened.
A: As I came out to the second floor there, Mr. Truly was ahead of me, and as I come out I was kind of scanning, you know, the rooms, and I caught a glimpse of this man walking away from this - -I happened to see him through this window in this door. I don’t know how come I saw him, but I had a glimpse of him coming down there.
Q: Where was he coming from, do you know.
A: No sir, All I seen of him was a glimpse of him go away from me.
< END. >

Baker entered the vestibule and at the lunchroom door with gun in hand he called "come here." Oswald turned and walked back toward Baker. Meanwhile Truly, missing Baker, had turned back down the stairs and found Baker in the doorway to the lunchroom "facing Lee Harvey Oswald." Baker turned to Truly and said, "Do you know this man, does he work here." Truly replied, "Yes."

Later Baker would recall, the man did not seem to be out of breath; he seemed calm. "He never did say a word or nothing. In fact, he didn’t change his expression one bit."

Later Truly would recall, "He didn’t seem to be excited or overly afraid or anything. He might have been a bit startled, like I might have been if somebody confronted me. But I cannot recall any change in expression of any kind on his face." Truly thought that the officer’s gun at that time appeared to be almost touching the middle portion of Oswald’s body.

It would also be determined that from the time of the last shots. To the time of this encounter was approximately ( 75 – 90 ) seconds.

Oswald would later claim that he was in the lunchroom at the time of the shooting, eating his lunch and drinking a coke.

Truly and officer Baker continued to the roof of the Building.

texas book deposatory building Dallas Police Lee Harvey Oswald serach encounter with secret serivce inside.

book depository lunch room TSBD jfk lee oswald assassination photo witnesses coke kennedy
officer baker photo jfk assassination kennedy
officer Baker dallas police. jfk assassination.


This Photo, taking by A.P. Photographer James Altgens, And believed to show Lee Oswald in the doorway of the Taxes School Book Depository Building at the time of the shooting..
altgens photo oswald doorway book depository tsbd jfk assassination kennedy photo altgens photo oswald doorway book depository 2
The FBI would determined the man in the doorway was actually Billy Lovelady.
  billy lovelady assassination kennedy jfk
   Billy Lovelady.
worked at TSBD

< Warren Report > Billy Lovelady:
Mr. BALL. You ate your lunch on the steps?
Mr. LOVELADY. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. Who was with you?
Mr. LOVELADY. Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton, and right behind me
Mr. BALL. Were you there when the President's motorcade went by
Mr. LOVELADY. Right.
Mr. BALL. Did you hear anything?
Mr. LOVELADY. Yes, sir; sure did.
Mr. BALL What did you hear?
Mr. LOVELADY. I thought it was firecrackers or somebody celebrating the arrival of the President. It didn't occur to me at first what had happened until this Gloria came running up to us and told us the President had been shot.
Mr. BALL. Where was the direction of the sound?
Mr. LOVELADY. Right there around that concrete little deal on that knoll.
Mr. BALL. That's where it sounded to you?
Mr. LOVELADY. Yes, sir; to my right. I was standing as you are going down the steps, I was standing on the right, sounded like it was in that area.
Mr. BALL. From the underpass area?
Mr. LOVELADY. Between the underpass and the building right on that knoll.
< END. >

               (CONTINUED DALLAS PART-II "The Great Escape")

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Lee Harvey Oswald texas book depository building Dallas Police secret service search encounter with inside.


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