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The JFK Kennedy Assassination Witnesses, Eyewitnesses near Grassy Knoll Testimony Accounts: 

Jean HILL, who was standing on the South side of Elm St., with her friend Mary Moorman, Taking Photos.
( she has said that she was mainly there looking for a motorcycle officer that she knew. )
jfk assassination witnesses hill moorman  photo 3 dls3pho1.jpg (38570 bytes)   dallas mortercade jfk photo moormen police offcer bike cop

< Warren Commission.> Jean Hill:
Q: You thought they had gotten the man who was running away.
A: Yes.
Q: You thought that perhaps the second burst of shots you heard were being directed toward him by the Secret Service.
A: I just thought, "Oh, goodness, the Secret Service is shooting back."
< END. >

She would go on to describe the person running, "and that it seems that I am merely using a figure and converting it to my story, but the person that I saw looked a lot like- -I would say general build as I would think Jack Ruby would from that position.": "I didn’t - -at that time I didn’t realize that the shots were coming from the building. I frankly thought they were coming from the knoll."

< Warren Report >
Q: Why did you think they were coming from the knoll.
Hill: That was just my idea where they were coming from.
Q: Now, did you have a conscious impression of the source of the first shot that you heard, that is, where it came from.
Hill: Well, evidently I didn’t because the only conscious recollection I have of that - -I mean - -until all this other came out - -I had always thought that they came from the knoll.
< END. >

< HSCA >
Jean Hill advised she heard something like a rifle shot and observed President Kennedy crumple in his seat in the automobile. She was standing nearby, as the vehicle was passing the spot where she stood at the time.

The FBI reinterviewed Mrs. Hill on March 13, 1964. In that report, Mrs. Hill was quoted as saying that after the shots she noticed a white man in a brown raincoat and a hat running west away from the depository in the direction of the railroad tracks

According to that report, Mrs. Hill said that men who were either FBI or Secret Service agents were present later that afternoon when she was being questioned in the sheriff's office.(132) Mrs. Hill related that one of the men referred to a bullet hitting the ground near her feet; she told him she did not recall such an incident.(133)
When she told the men that
she had heard four to six shots, one of them said: "There were three shots, three bullets, that's enough for now.

Eyewitnesses JFK kennedy Assassination witnesses Testimony Accounts.

Mrs. Hill testified that she ran up the hill toward the railroad tracks after the man.(141) She said when she got in the area of the railroad tracks, she lost sight of him.(142) At that point she thought she heard someone say: "It looks like he go away," or words to that effect; she said that was consistent with the thought in her own mind that the man she saw running was involved in the assassination jfk where did shots come from Witnesses jean hill grassy knoll photo  kennedy assassination

When Mrs. Hill was first asked during her Warren Commission testimony by Counsel Specter if she could give a description of the man she saw running, Mrs. Hill said she did not want to. She was concerned because she had earlier given statements that the man looked like Jack Ruby in build and thought this would be viewed as "using a figure and converting it to (her) story."(144) Later in her testimony, Mrs. Hill said she had been bothered and laughed at because of the information she provided, specifically because she had once said she saw a dog on the seat in the limousine between President and Mrs. President

Mark Lane had testified before the Commission on March 7, 1964. Lane gave this account in his testimony of information he had been given by Mrs. Hill of the events in Dealey Plaza:
She said further that after the last shot was fired, she saw a man run from behind the general area of a concrete facade on that grassy knoll, and that he ran on to the triple overpass.
< END. >
( Mark Lane was an attorney representing Lee Oswald's Mother
Marguerite Oswald, to defend her son's interests. He also managed the JFK campaign, NYC 1960 )

 It should be pointed out here that their was another witnesses in delay plaza standing just to the right of Miss Moormen, holding a movie camera and filming the presidential car and the GRASSY KNOLL IN THE BACKGROUND, THAT WOMAN AND THAT FILM HAS NEVER BEEN ACCOUNTED FOR, ( and known Only as the Babushka Lady. ) I have my own suspicions as to why, Grand Subversion's Moorman photo HIT MAN IMAGE Below.

Eyewitnesses JFK kennedy Assassination witnesses Testimony Accounts.

< HSCA >
 In an interview in Dallas with committee investigators on August 26, 1978,
Tom Tilson reported that he saw a man running from the plaza immediately after the shots. Tilson stated that on November 22, 1963, he was off duty from his job as a Dallas Police Department patrolman.
(218) At the time of the motorcade, he was driving east from Commerce Street and was approaching the triple underpass.(219) He had already heard the report on his police radio that there had been shooting at the motorcade and had seen the Presidential limousine travel at high speed from the underpass.(220) as he was in the are of the triple underpass, Tilson saw a man "slipping and sliding" down the embankment on the north side of Elm Street west of the underpass.(221) Tilson said the man appeared conspicuous because he was the only one running away from the plaza immediately after the shots.(222) Tilson said that because of his speed, the man rammed against the side of a "dark" car which was parked there.(223) Tilson said he then saw the man do something at the rear door portion of the car, like "throw something inside, then jump behind the wheel and take off very fast."

Tilson told the investigators that his 17 years of experiences as a policeman, combined with the radio broadcast of the shooting and this conspicuous man, caused him to "give chase" to the man speeding away from the direction of the plaza.(225) He then saw the same "dark car" going south on Industrial Boulevard, and he followed it.(226) As the car approached a toll road toward Ft. Worth, Tilson was within 100 feet and called out the license number, make, and model to his daughter, Dinah, who was riding with him. She wrote it down on a slip of paper.

Tilson described the man as white, 38 to 40 years old, 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 inches in height, with a round face.(228) Tilson said he had dark hair and was wearing dark clothing.(229) Tilson said he know Jack Ruby, and the man looked enough like Jack Ruby to be his twin."(230) That impression was so strong in Tilson's mind that he noted that Ruby showed a lot of "resourcefulness" in arranging to be identified in a newspaper office at the time of the assassination with a lot of influential witnesses.

Tilson said he called the homicide office of the police department and reported the information on the car that afternoon.(232) He said he never heard any more from the Dallas police homicide squad about his report
Tilson explained that he never followed up on the report with the homicide squad because of his perception that the homicide office was run as a kind of "elite," which resented any encroachment on its authority.

< END. >

Eyewitnesses JFK kennedy Assassination witnesses Testimony Accounts.

jfk assassination witnesses photo dallas Dealey Plaza Malcolm Summer, who was standing on the South side of Elm St. across from the steps that went to the sidewalk between the fences and the wall (grassy knoll.)
Summer has stated, "I do think that the first shot came from the Schoolbook Depository up there, and then when the second one came I did not know who all was shooting. I was thinking it was more then one person shooting. "The first shot sounded just like a little pop, it sounded like a firecracker from a far away distances, the others sounded real close, real close."
  AUDIO Malcolm Summer.

< HSCA >
In a sheriff's department notarized statement dated November 23, 1963, Malcolm Summers of Dallas reported that he saw a car speeding from the area of the plaza immediately after the shots.(191) Summers stated that he was located on the terrace of the small park on Elm Street when the Presidential motorcade passed in front of him.(192) After the shots and the president's car had sped away, Summers went to the area of the railroad tracks because he "knew that they had somebody trapped up there."
< END. >

Bill Newman
, was on the North side of Elm Street and the closest spectator to the president at the time of the head-shot. ( you might have seen him, he is the one covering his young son after the shots.)

He was only interviewed by the FBI, and stated that he believed the shots where coming from directly behind him. (The knoll area.)

Part of Newman’s statement on November 22, 1963. "I was looking directly at him when he was hit in the side of the head."

"And then as the car got directly in front of us, gunshot apparently from behind us, hit the President in the side of the temple."

Witnesses jfk newman grassy knoll assassination kennedy gun shot head wound eyewitnesses
jfk assassination kennedy witnesses eyewintesses Bill Newman.

( The Newman's where the closes Eye witnesses to the head shot. ( Within a few yards. ) And where not called to testify by the Warren Commission. )

Eyewitnesses JFK kennedy Assassination witnesses Testimony Accounts.

< Warren Commission.>  Abraham Zapruder, ( Took the Historic Zapruder Film. )

Q: As you were standing on this abutment facing Elm Street, you say the police ran over behind the concrete structure behind you and down the railroad track behind that, is that right.
Zapruder: After the shots.

Q: Yes.
Zapruder: Yes - -after the shots yes, some of them were motorcycle cops - -I guess they left their motorcycles running and they were running right behind me, of course, in the line of the shooting. I guess they thought it came from right behind me.

Q: Did you have any impression as to the direction from which these shots came.
Zapruder: No, I also thought it came from back of me. Of course, you can’t tell when something is in line it could come from anywhere, but being I was here and he was hit on this line and he was hit right in the head - -I saw it right around here, so it looked like it came from here and it could come from there.

Q: All right, as you stood here on the abutment and looked down into Elm Street, you saw the President hit on the right side of the head and you thought perhaps the shots had come from behind you.
Zapruder: Well Yes.
< END. >

Witnesses jfk testimony of  abraham zapruder photo
Abraham Zapruder. ( Right )
      jfk assassination witnesses photo 4 dls3pho2.jpg (51777 bytes)
          From the Zapruder Film.


< Warren Report > Emmett J. Hudson:
When the motorcade turned off of Houston onto Elm, we got up and stood up, me and him both. He was on the left side and I was on the right and so the first shot rung out and, of course, I didn't realize it was a shot, what was taking place right at that present time, and when the second one rung out, the motorcade

assassination kennedy jfk john f hudson grassy knoll steps car
Mr. LIEBELER. That was when the bullet him him in the head; is that correct?
Mr. HUDSON Yes; it looked like it hit him somewhere along about a little bit behind the ear and a little bit above the ear.
Mr. LIEBELER. On the right-hand side or the left-hand side?
Mr. HUDSON. Right hand.

Mr. LIEBELER. How many shots did you hear altogether?
Mr. HUDSON. Three.
Mr. LIEBELER. Three shots?
Mr. HUDSON. Yes, sir.
Mr. LIEBELER. Are you sure about that?
Mr. HUDSON. Yes, sir.
Mr. LIEBELER. You say that it was the second shot that hit him in the head; is that right?
Mr. HUDSON. Yes; I do believe that--I know it was.
Mr. LIEBELER. You saw him hit in the head, there wasn't any question in your mind about that, was there?
Mr. HUDSON. No, sir.
Mr. LIEBELER. And after you saw him hit in the head, did you hear another shot?
Mr. HUDSON. Yes, sir.
< END. >

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Zapruder film frame jfk assassination kennedy photo conspiracy theories witnesses dallas the JFK AUTOPSY SECTION.  AND THE PROBLEMS!
Zapruder film frame 313 headshot witnesses jfk assassination Dallas doctors ( photo conspiracy theories enhanced had


jfk witnesses john f kennedy assassination magic bullet single shooter gunman
From the Mary Moorman Polaroid taken that day of the grassy knoll area.

( Refer to my Moorman Enhancement Page. )


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