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Just prior to the Motorcades arrival in Dealey Plaza:

< HSCA > Julia Ann Mercer Testimony Account:
In a sheriff's department notarized statement dated November 22, 1963, Ms. Mercer is quoted as saying that on November 22 she was driving in the area of the plaza going toward the overpass.(237) When she got to a point just east of the overhead sign for the right entrance road to the overpass, she noticed a truck parked on the right-hand side of the street with its hood up.(238) The truck as described as a green Ford pickup with a Texas license.(239) According to the sheriff's report, Ms. Mercer said the truck had a sign on the driver's side in black letters which said "Air conditioning."(240)

In the report, ms. Mercer was quoted further as saying that a white male, approximately 40 years of age, was "slouched" over the steering wheel.(241) She was described as heavy set, with light brown hair, and wearing a green jacket.(242)

The statement also describes another man who was standing at the rear of the truck; he was reaching over the tailgate into the truck and took out what appeared to Mrs. Mercer to be a gun case.(243) She described the gun case as about 8 inches wide at its base, 3 1/2 to 4 feet long, and 4 or 5 inches thick; it was brown.(244) The man walked up "the grassy hill which forms part of the overpass," and that was the last Mrs. Mercer saw of him.(245) As he walked up the hill with the gun case, the case appeared to become stuck momentarily in the grass.(246) She described the man as a white male, 20 to 30 years old, wearing a gray jacket, brown pants, and a plaid shirt.(247) He had a wool stocking cap with a tassel on it.(248)

In the statement, no time is given for the incident observed by Ms. Mercer. Nevertheless, she noted also that at that time three policemen were standing near a motorcycle on the overpass bridge.(249)

In a letter to committee staff dated July 15, 1977, former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison stated that he had interviewed Julia Mercer and transcribed corrections made by her to the purported notarized sheriff's statement.(250) According to the corrections on garrison's copy of the statement, Ms. Mercer claimed she never said in the sheriff's statement that the truck had "air conditioning" written on its side, and the signature at the bottom of the statement was not hers.(251) Further, she never said that she did not see the driver's face too clearly.(252) According to the corrections, Ms. Mercer said that she looked right in the man's face.(253) She also said that "this is why I was able to recognize him when I later saw him shoot Oswald on TV."(254) Garrison's copy included Ms. Mercer's signature at the bottom of the corrections.(255) The corrections were dated January 18, 1968.(256)

In an FBI report dated November 23, 1963, Ms. Mercer was again quoted as giving the account of the truck parked near the knoll and of the two men she had described in the sheriff's report, including the same information of their physical descriptions and gun case.(257) That report also stated that Ms. Mercer said the truck had the words "air conditioning" printed on the side.(258)
The time given for the incident in the FBI report is 10:50 a.m. on November 22, 1963.
< END. >

< Warren Commission >  Secret Service Agent Forrest V. Sorrels Testimony Account:
May 7, 1964
Mr. STERN - What happened next?
Mr. SORRELS - There was another witness there that I started talking to--I don't recall the name now, because I told him to go in--somebody that saw a truck down there this is before the parade ever got there that apparently had stalled down there on Elm Street. And I later checked on that, and found out that the car had gone dead, apparently belonged to some construction company, and that a police officer had come down there, and they had gone to the construction company and gotten somebody to come down and get the car out of the way.
Apparently it was just a car stalled down there.
But this lady said she thought she saw somebody that looked like they had a guncase. But then I didn't pursue that any further-- because then I had gotten the information that the rifle had been found in the building and shells and so forth.
< END. >


As the motorcade approach Main and Houston St. and turned towards Elm St. Many People where gathered along the streets, Some where alone, some where with friends, some where with their families and many had still and motion picture cameras.

While the motorcade made the one block drive down Houston towards the Texas School Book Depository Building ( TSDB ) and the accused assassin had the best shot at the president, No shots where fired.

The motorcade then made a nearly sixty degree turn, right under the sixth floor window and preceded down Elm St, the speed of the car was about 5 m.p.h.

The car then regained about 5 M.P.H. and was traveling at about 11 M.P.H. (18 Km.H) towards the R.R. overpass. At this point the shots began ringing out. There were many who thought the first shots where firecrackers. But those who where familiar with guns seemed to know immediately what they were.

witnesses jfk assassination     dealey plaze map of witnesses jfk kennedy assassination
G.S. Dealey Plaza Map.

Gov. Connally who was seated just in front of the President in the limousine, would latter recalled, I heard a rifle shot, I thought of nothing but a rifle shot, I turned to look over my right shoulder to try to see the President, but he couldn’t see the President So he was in the process of turning to his left and had gotten to the point where he was facing straight forward when he was hit. ( More of Gov. Connally's statements in the Magic Bullet Section. )

Mrs. John F. Kennedy, on the left of the rear seat of the limousine, looked toward her left and waved to the crowds along the route. Soon after the motorcade turned onto Elm Street., she heard a sound similar to a motorcycle noise and a cry from Governor Connally, which caused her to look to her right. On turning she saw a quizzical look on her husband's face as he raised his left hand to his throat. Mrs. Kennedy then heard a second shot and saw the President's skull torn open under the impact of the bullet. As she cradled her mortally wounded husband, Mrs. Kennedy cried, "Oh, my God, they have shot my husband. I love you, Jack."

Mrs. Connally, too, heard a frightening noise from her right. Looking over her right shoulder, she saw that the President had both hands at his neck but she observed no blood and heard nothing. She watched as he slumped down with an empty expression on his face.
Mrs. Connally heard a second shot fired and pulled her husband down into her lap. Observing his blood-covered chest as he was pulled into his wife's lap, Governor Connally believed himself mortally wounded. He cried out, "Oh, no, no, no. My God, they are going to kill us all." At first Mrs. Connally thought that her husband had been killed, but then she noticed an almost imperceptible movement and knew that he was still alive. She said, "It's all right. Be still." The Governor was lying with his head on his wife's lap when he heard a shot hit the President. At that point, both Governor and Mrs. Connally observed brain tissue splattered over the interior of the car. According to Governor and Mrs. Connally, it was after this shot that Kellerman issued his emergency instructions and the car accelerated.

Forrest V. Sorrels, Secret Service Special agent in charge of the Dallas district was in the lead car, in front of the Presidential limousine:
< Warren Commission > Sorrels Testimony:

I looked back to see how close the President's car was in making the turn, because we had begun to pick up speed after we made the left-hand turn.
And I remember Mr. Lawson turned around and said, "I wish he would come on, because we are late now," or words to that effect.
And I looked at my watch, and it was just about 12:30.
And so they called on the radio to the Trade Mart that we were 5 minutes away.
And it seemed like almost instantly after that, the first shot was heard.
I just said, "What's that?" And turned around to look up on this terrace part there, because the sound sounded like it came from the back and up in that direction.
At that time, I did not look back up to the building, because it was way back in the back.
Within about 3 seconds, there were two more similar reports. And I said, "Let's get out of here" and looked back, all the way back, then, to where the President's car was, and I saw some confusion, movement there, and the car just seemed to lunch forward.
And, in the meantime, a motorcycle officer had run up on the right-hand side and the chief yelled to him, "Anybody hurt?"
He said, "Yes."
He said, "Lead us to the hospital."
And the chief took his microphone and told them to alert the hospital, and said, "Surround the building." He didn't say what building. He just said, "Surround the building." And by that time we had gotten almost in under the underpass, and the President's car had come up and was almost abreast of us
< END.>
About the three shots, He would testify that:
"There was to me about twice as much time between the first and second shots as there was between the second and third shots."
About where the shots had come from:

"To the right and back. That is about the only way I can express it.
And, as I said, the noise from the shots sounded like they may have come back up on the terrace there. And that is the reason I was looking around like that when the first shot. And I continued to look out until the other two shots. And then I turned on around and looked back to where the President's car was"
He said He was looking at that terrace:
( Grassy Knoll )
"Yes; I was. And I saw just some movement of some people, but no firearms or anything like that, because we began to move out rather rapidly. And we were quite a ways down the street at that time." *** "It seems I recall someone turned around and was going in the other direction, like moving away from the street. And that is all I can recall."
He would also state:
"But the reports seemed to be so loud, that it sounded like to me in other words, that was my first thought, somebody up on the terrace, and that is the reason I looked there."

William Greer the Secret Service agent driving the presidential limousine heard a noise he thought was a backfire from a motorcycle he heard a second sound looked over his right shoulder and saw Gov. Connally fall. He also stated in the warren report, at the sound of the second shot he realized that something was wrong, and he pressed down on the accelerator.

In the Zapruder film Greer can be seen looking over his right shoulder just after Gov. Connally had been hit, he continues to look back until the President is fatally hit and then turns forward.

Roy Kellerman the other Secret Service agent in the front passenger seat of the limousine. He heard a report like a firecracker and turned to his right in the direction of the noise, He heard the president say "My God, I am hit" and saw the President’s hands come up towards his neck, As he told the driver, "Let’s get out of here, we are hit". Kellerman heard a "flurry of shots" within five seconds of the first noise

In the Zapruder film, Kellerman can be seen as the limousine emerges from the sign looking to his right,
( And appears to be looking in to the limousine’s right rearview mirror.)

In the President's follow-up car on the left running board was agent Clint Hill, he heard a noise which seemed to be a firecracker, coming from his right rear. As he began to look to his right he saw President Kennedy grab at himself and lurch forward and to the left.

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