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jfk assassination lee harvey mexico city cia  photo 01 This photograph released by the CIA and probably the one given to the FBI on the day of the assassination of President Kennedy and reported to be of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City. Leaves one wondering how the most sophisticated agency in the world could have made such a mistake.

The CIA director at the time Richard Helms, would say that he believes they were having trouble with the cameras in Mexico City at the time, and they have no photograph of Oswald at the time and he can’t explain 100 % why not.

Lee Harvey Oswald mexico city cia photo
Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City CIA photo
lee oswald mexico jfk assassination cia photo pictures lee oswald mexico city jfk kennedy assassination lee harvy oswald mexico city jfk assassination

According to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), the CIA made a request to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) for two copies of the most recent photographs of Oswald, on 4 October 1963, in an attempt to verify Oswald’s presence in Mexico City. It appears however that the CIA received a photograph only after the President’s assassination.

David Belin, Counsel to the Warren Commission who was the only person that had accesses to all of their CIA information would latter state, that he saw the photographs that were inside the CIA pertaining to who entered the embassy, and I think that there is vary important information that should be released. There was not any second Mr. Oswald that went to the embassies, there was a picture of someone that was at one time said to be Mr. Oswald but it was just a mistake.

< Warren Report >
A final suggestion of a connection between Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald arises from the testimony of Oswald's mother, Marguerite Oswald. When appearing before the Commission, Mrs. Oswald related that on November 23, 1963, before Ruby shot Oswald, FBI Agent Bardwell D. Odum showed her a picture of a man she believed was Jack Ruby, and asked whether the man shown was familiar to her.
When Marguerite viewed the photograph provided the Commission, she stated that the picture was different from the one she saw in November, in part because the "top two corners" were cut differently and because the man depicted was not Jack Ruby.

The Commission has investigated this matter and determined that Special Agent Odum did show a picture to Marguerite Oswald for possible identification but that the picture was not of Jack Ruby. On November 22 the CIA had provided the FBI with a photograph of a man who, it was thought at the time, might have been associated with Oswald.
< END >

The HSCA would find disturbing aspects of the Intelligence Agencies handling of it’s Lee Harvey Oswald Information. The most egregious of which was the ROUTINE DESTRUCTION of Oswald’s military intelligence file. Which the Department of Defense (DOD) never gave to the Warren Commission. It was destroyed as part of a general program aimed at eliminating all of it’s files pertaining to nonmilitary personnel. And left the HSCA to conclude that the destruction of the military file on Oswald prevented the committee from resolving the question of Oswald’s possible affiliation with military intelligence.

In their defense the DOD told the HSCA, that the dossier on Oswald most probably included: newspaper clippings relating to pro-Cuban activities of Oswald. That the Army was not asked to investigate the assassination. And that any army-derived information was turned over to the appropriate civil authority.

These events along with other sighting of Oswald, where according to the Warren Commission he could not or should not have been, and where he almost appears to be advertising his part in the upcoming assassination. Has lead to the speculation by many of the Warren Commission critics that

( 1 ) Lee Oswald was a double agent of someone

( 2 ) There may have been a Lee Oswald double.

The fowling is from our Dallas Police sections, Oswald Interrogations:

U.S. Postal inspector Harry D. Holmes.
Mr. BELIN. Did he admit that he went to Mexico?
Mr. HOLMES. Oh, yes.
Mr. BELIN. Did he say what community in Mexico he went to?
Mr. HOLMES. Mexico City.
Mr. BELIN. Did he say what he did while he was there?
Mr. HOLMES. He went to the Mexican consulate, I guess.
(Discussion off the record.)

Mr. BELIN. Now, with regard to this Mexican trip, did he say who he saw in Mexico?
Mr. HOLMES. Only that he went to the Mexican consulate or Embassy or something and wanted to get permission, or whatever it took to get to Cuba. They refused him and he became angry and he said he burst out of there, and I don't know. I don't recall now why he went into the business about how mad it made him.
He goes over to the Russian Embassy. He was already at the American. This was the Mexican--he wanted to go to Cuba.
Then he went to the Russian Embassy and he said, because he said then he wanted to go to Russia by way of Cuba, still trying to get to Cuba and try that angle and they refused and said, "Come back in 30 days," or something like that. And, he went out of there angry and disgusted.

Mr. BELIN. Did he go to the Cuban Embassy, did he say or not?
Mr. HOLMES. He may have gone there first, but the best of my recollection, it might have been Cuban and then the Russian, wherever he went at first, he wanted to get to Cuba, and then he went to the Russian to go by Cuba.
Mr. BELIN. Did he say why he wanted to go to Cuba?
Mr. BELIN. Did--this wasn't reported in your interview in the memorandum that you wrote?
Mr. BELIN. Is this something that you think you might have picked up from just reading the papers, or is this something you remember hearing?
Mr. HOLMES. That is what he said in there.

jfk lone assassin theory Lee Harvey Oswald  photo picture shot shooting Kennedy Assassination was he Assassin john f JFK AUTOPSY SECTION.
Lee Harvey Oswald  photo picture shot shooting JFK Lone Assassin Theory Kennedy Assassination  was he Assassin

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