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Lee Harvey Oswald New Orleans arrested fpcc
So in early August 1963, Lee began handing out FPCC leaflets. And on 10 August among one of the angry passerby's was Carlos Bringuier who he had visited a few days earlier, and a scuffle broke out.





lee harvey oswald new orleans arrested jfk assassinationphoto 01
Lee Harvey Oswald arrested New Orleans.
After the scuffle Lee Oswald and a few others were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. He was told he could pay twenty-five dollars and be released on his own recognizance. But for whatever reason he refused was booked fingerprinted and spent the night in jail. He also requested an interview with an FBI agent and apparently told him he was a member of the FPCC and had been in touch with the head of the New Orleans branch. One A. J. Hidell. ( Lee Oswald )

< The Warren Report >
Arrested because of a dispute with three anti-Castro Cuban exiles, Following his arrest, he was interviewed by the police, and at his own request, by an agent of the FBI. While Oswald publicly engaged in the activities described his "organization" was a product of his imagination.
< End. >

( But under the surface the warren Commission was concerned about any meetings between Oswald and it main investigative body, the FBI, If your wondering just how concerned they where, that can be found in the House Select Committee on Assassinations link found at the bottom of all section pages.)

< The Warren Report >  Carlos Bringuier:

Mr. BRINGUIER. Well, the first day that I saw Lee Harvey Oswald was on August 5, 1963
Mr. BRINGUIER. And you see, in August 24, 1962, my organization, the Cuban Student Directorate, carry on a shelling of Havana, and a few days later when person from the FBI contacted me here in New Orleans--his name was Warren C. de Brueys. Mr. de Brueys was talking to me in the Thompson Cafeteria. At that moment I was the only one from the Cuban Student Directorate here in the city, and he was asking to me about my activities here in the city, and when I told him that I was the only one, he didn't believe that, and he advised me and I quote, "We could infiltrate your organization and find out what you are doing here." My answer to him was, "Well, you will have to infiltrate myself, because I am the only one." And I want to put this out, because after that some part of the press or some persons now are trying to use to tell that maybe Oswald was a man from the FBI or the CIA. I will go into that later on.

After that, after my conversation with de Brueys, I always was waiting that maybe someone will come to infiltrate my organization from the FBI, because I already was told by one of the FBI agent that they will try to infiltrate my organization.

Next thing is this: On August 2, 1963, I receive in my store--I have over there the office of the delegation too, the visit of two Cubans, who told me that they had already desert from one Anti-Castro training camp that was across Lake Pontchartrain here in New Orleans. Until that moment I did not know nothing about that Anti-Castro training camp here in the city, and they told me that that Anti-Castro training camp was a branch of the Christian Democratic Movement--that is another Anti-Castro organization-- and they told me that they had the fear inside the training camp that there was a Castro agent inside that training camp.

A few days before, too, the police found here in New Orleans about 1 mile from that training camp a big lot of ammunition and weapons and all those things, and when Oswald came to me on August 5 I had inside myself the feeling, well, maybe this is from the FBI, or maybe this is a Communist, because the FBI already had told me that maybe they will infiltrate my organization, but that feeling--I only had that feeling on August 5, because 4 days later I was convinced that Oswald was not an FBI agent and that he was a Pro-Castro agent.
Mr. LIEBELER. You were also concerned about the possibility that Oswald might have been a Communist or a Castro agent of some sort, who was trying to infiltrate your organization on behalf of that group?

Mr. BRINGUIER. That is right. Now that day, on August 5, I was talking in the store with one young American--the name of him is Philip Geraci--and 5 minutes later Mr. Oswald came inside the store. He start to look around, several articles, and he show interest in my conversation with Geraci. I was explaining to Geraci that our fight is a fight of Cubans and that he was too young, that if he want to distribute literature against Castro, I would give him the literature but not admit him to the fight.

At that moment also he start to agree with I, Oswald start to agree with my point of view and he show real interest in the fight against Castro. He told me that he was against Castro and that he was against communism. He told me--he asked me first for some English literature against Castro, and I gave him some copies of the Cuban report printed by the Cuban Student Directorate.

After that, Oswald told me that he had been in the Marine Corps and that he had training in guerrilla warfare and that he was willing to train Cubans to fight against Castro. Even more, he told me that he was willing to go himself to fight against Castro. That was on August 5.

I turned down his offer. I told him that I don't have nothing to do with military activities, that my only duties here in New Orleans are propaganda and information and not military activities. That was my answer to him.

He insisted, and he told me that he will bring to me next day one book as a present, as a gift to me, to train Cubans to fight against Castro
Before he left the store, he put his hand in the pocket and he offered me money.
< End. >

Shortly after his arrest Lee Oswald was interviewed at a radio station in New Orleans. lee harvey oswald new orleans radio interview jfk kennedy assassination photo picture

Later a radio station host William Stuckey learned about Lee Oswald apparently from Bringuier. And on 19 August Stuckey arranged for a debate between Oswald and Bringuier on his program called Conversation Carte Blanche. Stuckey had also learnt about Oswald’s background. And this was the result that eventually ended his FPCC Branch in New Orleans.
lee harvy oswald new orleans radio cuba stuckey interview  AUDIO   MS - I. E. ONLY.


Many investigators have pointed out other possible connections between Oswald's FPCC branch. And
anti Castro organizations.

                                              ( Continued Oswald Part II ).

Lee Harvey Oswald  I'M JUST A PATSY shot by jack ruby photo
Lee Harvey Oswald, I'M JUST A PATSY. conspiracy theories.

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