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Mr. De Mohrenschildt, had a doctorates degree in international commerce, he was fluent in several languages, he was a fitness fanatic and apparently extremely arrogant.

It also appears that  Mr. De Mohrenschildt was as interested in recording his travels around the world as he was in pursuing his chosen occupation as a geologist for the petroleum industry. In the late 50’s and early 60’s his main interest was in the south-American regions. So there were probably intelligence agencies that were interested in him.

Mr. and Mrs. De Mohrenschildt visited the Oswald’s at their new apartment on Neely Street on 13 April 1963, three days after the attempt on Gen. Walker’s life. While Marina was showing Mrs. De Mohrenschildt the apartment, Mrs. De Mohrenschildt noticed a rifle in a closet. And while they were all gathered together Mrs. De Mohrenschildt mentioned the rifle.

At that point Mr. De Mohrenschildt, asked Lee if he had taken a "POT SHOT AT WALKER" by any chance. According to Mr. De Mohrenschildt testimony, at that point Oswald "sort of shriveled, you see, when I asked this question." And Lee’s response was that he did target shooting. The De Mohrenschildt left "vary soon afterwards ", and reportedly did not see the Oswald’s again.

After Mr. De Mohrenschildt’s death the HSCA obtained his personal papers, which contained a copy of a backyard photo. And on the back of this copy was written "To my dear friend George, from Lee." April 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald.

According to HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi:
48. On the same page (50), you also wrote George de Mohrenschildt was a "CIA intelligence asset." What do you mean by an intelligence asset?

GF: In the case of George de Mohrenschildt, he provided information to the CIA. And that's in the records. That's in de Mohrenschildt's own records. It's in the CIA records, as a matter of fact.

48.a. And that's your definition of an intelligence asset?

GF: In terms of George de Mohrenschildt, yes.

In early April Lee was fired from his job at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall. and he would urge Marina to return to Russia. In late April 1963 Lee would leave for New Orleans to try and find work there. And Marina would move in with Ruth Paine who was studying the Russian language and whom the Oswald's had met earlier.
In late April 1963 Lee Oswald arrived in New Orleans his hometown and briefly stayed with a relative. Marina would join him a short time latter. In early May he found work at the William B. Reily coffee company. And soon found an apartment at 4905 Magazine Street.

While at work he would spend time next door at the Crescent City Garage where he would read gun magazines and discuss them with the owner Adrian Alba.
Apparently the garage was used by many of the city’s government agencies.
In mid July Lee Oswald was fired by the coffee co. So again he tried to find work. And it was at this time that he ordered Fare Play for Cuba Committee ( FPCC ) literature. On 24 June he applied for a new passport and received it the next day. He also wanted Marina to request a visa to return to the Soviet Union..
In late July 1963 Lee Oswald decided to form his own FPCC branch in New Orleans. He had leaflets printed up. And recruited Marina as his first member. But before he took to the streets he paid a visit to someone heading an anti-Castro group, Carlos Bringuier. lee harvy oswald cuba new orleans cia fair play jfk assassination
Lee Harvey Oswald fpcc New Orleans CIA Castro fare play Cuba.
Bringuier Stated that when Oswald first came to his store he wanted to know how he could help in the fight against Castro and told Bringuier that he was in the marines and was trained in gorilla fighting. Oswald later returned with a marine handbook on tactical operations and presented it to Bringuier. lee harvey oswald new orleans carlos bringuner jfk kennedy assassination
Carlos Bringuier.

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